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The objective of the Cosmetology program is to teach future salon professionals the fundamentals of cutting, styling, permanent waving, hair coloring, manicuring, skin care, and makeup. This course prepares graduates to pass the State Board exam, become a licensed Cosmetologist, and begin working in the Salon & Spa industry. Upon satisfactory completion of the Cosmetology program, the graduate will receive a Diploma.


The States of North Carolina and Georgia require 1500 clock hours for graduation and testing in Cosmetology. During the first 300 hours, the Future Salon Professional will be in the Core Phase of training. The Future Salon Professional’s time in Core (beginner) is spent in the classroom with work consisting of lecture, demonstrations, practice on mannequins, and evaluations. Upon completion of 300 hours and provided that all assigned work has been submitted, all grade and attendance levels have been maintained, and upon achieving the recommendation of the Instructor, they will advance to the Adaptive Phase and be permitted to practice on guests in the student salon. Once students complete 900 hours, they will test into the Creative Phase where they will finish their education. All of the Future Salon Professional’s time during Adaptive and Creative Phases will be spent on practical work, additional advancement lectures, class projects and complete subject reviews as well as salon management techniques.

All programs are taught in English. The program includes extensive instruction and practical experience in cutting, hair coloring, permanent waving, customer service, personal appearance & hygiene, personal motivation & development, retail skills, client record keeping, business ethics, as well as sanitation, state laws & regulations, salon administration, resume/cover letters, and job interviewing.

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