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The objective of the Skin Care Therapy program is to prepare students with all of the fundamentals of skin care, facials, facial massage, hair removal, spa body basics, business aspects, product knowledge, and effective retailing. Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to pass the State Board exam to become a licensed Esthetician and obtain employment in the Salon & Spa industry.


The course teaches the Future Spa Professional the systematic and scientifically applied principles of skin care in theory, concept and application.  An all-encompassing and modern course that includes the anatomy and physiology of the skin, disorders and diseases, skin types and conditions, basic and corrective facial treatments, facial massage techniques, product knowledge and application, spa body basics, hair removal techniques, business basics, effective retailing and communication skills, professional ethics, service promotion, hygiene and personal grooming, safety precautions and procedures, and state laws & regulations. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be awarded a Skin Care Therapy Diploma.


The State of North Carolina requires 600 clock hours and the State of Georgia requires 1,000 clock hours for graduation and licensure testing in Skin Care Therapy.

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